We are a busy team of volunteering individuals working in North Wales, creating scrubs and other PPE to get to the people who need it most across both locally and across the UK.

Our mission is to get PPE such as scrubs, bags, visors, ear savers and surgical hats as well as care packages to those in desperation who may have fallen through the cracks and are working hard on the frontline πŸ™πŸ»

πŸ’› We are sending them out to carers, assisted living homes, mortuaries, children’s wards, so so many more all over the UK πŸ’›

If you want to get involved or donate please contact us.

Thank you so much and stay safe.

We need many volunteers. Particularly knitters and machinists. If you don’t have either skills but still want to volunteer we have other positions such as outreach, social media, delivery drivers and cutters!

Drivers, Cutters, Social Media Assistant and Outreach are all just as essential as the wonderful volunteers making the scrubs. If you would like to help out these are brilliant alternatives to knitting and sewing!

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